The proceedings of the 13th Americas Conference on Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis and the ICMC Summer Meeting on Differential Equations - 2023 Chapter will be published in Matemática Contemporânea of the Brazilian Mathematical Society. All speakers are invited to contribute.

Matemática Contemporânea is an open-access journal for both authors and readers. The volume corresponding to the proceedings is under the supervision of Jaquelie Godoy Mesquita (editor-in-chief) and Everaldo de Mello Bonotto (associate editor). Each paper will go through the usual refereeing procedure.

Speakers that wish to contribute to the Proceedings, please submit your research article by email to as soon as possible but no later than May 10, 2023. The volume is expected to be published in December 2023. When submitting your article, please inform the session of the meeting associated with your participation.

The articles submitted for possible publication in Matemática Contemporânea should be prepared in English and LaTeX format, using the templates available at without bibitex or with bibitex. All necessary files should be submitted together with the manuscript including a PDF file of the article. Pictures and tables should be numbered and cited in the article using their numbers. The files containing pictures and tables should be submitted in EPS format. There is no page limit.

For additional information please consult the instructions for the authors at the web page of Matemática Contemporânea.